UK Excel Training Courses.

Below are recommended Excel Training courses around the UK. They cover courses in

  • Beginners Excel Training Courses
  • Intermediate Excel Training Courses
  • Advanced Excel Training Courses
  • Pivot Tables Training Courses
  • Excel Dashboard Courses

Choosing an Excel Training Course

When choosing  these  Microsoft Excel training courses, the following factors have been taken into account.

  1. Availability of Excel  levels and versions.
  2. Feedback from previous students.
  3. Tutor’s  ability and  experience.
  4. Facilities and Price.
  5. Post course Support

Lets look at these in more detail.

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When choosing an Excel public Training course, there a number of factors to take into account before you make your choice.


Pick the correct Excel course for your needs and Correct Excel Version.

When it comes to Microsoft  Excel  training courses, various levels are available , starting from

  1. Basic Beginners Excel Courses.
  2. Intermediate Excel Training
  3. Advanced Excel training Courses.
  4. Pivot Tables courses.
  5. Dashboard Excel courses.
  6. VBA Programming

Also the courses will be based on one of the different Excel Versions: Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013 or the latest version Excel 2016.

This is why you need to make sure you have chosen the course that most suits you.

For example, of you don’t have any prior knowledge in Excel, you should start with a beginner’s course.

On the other hand, you don’t want to waste time on basic Excel techniques and functions if you are already familiar with them. Most Excel training Course providers will offer to check your abilities and enroll you in the most suitable level.

In relation to different Excel Versions, keep in mind that there is a big difference between Excel 2003 and all the other versions.  But there is not a great learning curve when moving between the versions from 2007 to 2013.



This is a vital factor.

  1. How many year of experience in Excel training does the trainer have?
  2. How many years of real life usage of Excel do the trainer have?
  3. Are they a Microsoft certified to Expert level?
  4. How often do they teach Excel?, do they just teach Excel only or maybe they teach lots of other software and only Excel once or twice a month.

As mentioned it’s better if your tutor is somebody who has real life experience in using Excel because in this way he/she can simulate business-like situations during training, which will help you a lot when you encounter similar situations while performing your actual job.



The price of one day Excel courses from beginners to advanced   in the UK is between £200-£300. The cost of courses in PowerPivot and VBA will be more expensive, possibly from £300- £400 per day.

The price for a Excel Corporate course at your  offices for normal Excel courses is from £600-£1000 per day  for a group of 10.



You will want to make sure that the classrooms are clean and meet current health and safety standards, and that they have enough space for the number of students that are  planned to be there.
You don’t want to get elbowed or something like that while you are trying to learn. Also, make sure that the environment in which you will study is noise free and interruption free, since you will want to focus and concentrate on the learning.

There are specific health and safety rules for computer training rooms including limiting the glare from screens and sunlight, seat heights and the prohibition of open drinking cups.


Classroom Equipment:

It is important to make sure the course provider provides you with your own laptop or desktop computer, on which you can follow and practice during the class. Remember Excel is a skill and like all skills you only get better by practice and  not just  by watching a screen.

So this basically one of those MUST HAVE items when you choose the right Excel course.
Besides that, you will want to make sure that the laptops are not out of date, that they are fairly new and fast. Also make sure the software they use is licensed and up to date, you don’t want to get your training on Excel 97, for instance, when it’s not used anywhere anymore.



Be sure to always consider whether the certificate you get upon finishing your course is recognized in your industry and in the UK or even abroad.
Most of these certificates will be certificates from the training companies themselves, so their reputation and length of time training is very important.

The most well-known exam based international Excel certificate is the  Microsoft Office Specialist Certification in Excel which comes as General level and Expert Level.


 Post Course Support:

Finally  you should check their policy on retaking the course, because in some situations providers offer this for free, or at least they give you the opportunity to take final exam for free. Also, see how much printed material you get with the price paid for the course, and be sure to ask for testimonials of other people who have previously taken that course.  Is  Email support available for a number of months after the course.

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