Course Syllabus: Intermedaite Excel Course:

Review of Essential Excel Concepts & Techniques:

Relative/Absolute Reference
using Cell references
Formatting concepts & problems in Excel.
Good practice techniques.

Range Names

Concept and Purpose
Naming individual or range cell’s
Deleting and amending named ranges
Using named cells/ranges in formulas

The IF Function

Automatic decision making in Excel using the IF Function
Nested IF Functions

VLookup Function

Introduction to the Vlookup Function:
Why the VLOOKUP Function is so important
VLOOKUP Examples
Using the VLOOKUP Function and others Functions with Cell references and Relative & absolute references.

Conditional Formats and Date Calculations

Benefits and purpose
Conditional Formatting
Entering Dates and Times
Different date/time formats
How dates are stored
Calculating working days
Using the DAY(),MONTH(),YEAR() functions
Time calculations

Formula Auditing

Formula Auditing Tools
Revealing Formulas
Tracing Precedents/Dependents
Goto Special

Worksheet Management & Linking

Linking sheets in the same file
Linking different Excel files
Using Edit, Links
Viewing different files at once
Saving a workspace
Viewing different sheets at once
Window Split

Basic List Management

Sorting Data
Adding Subtotals
Freeze Panes
Group and Outline
Data Form

An Introduction to Pivot Tables.

What are Pivot tables
Creating basic Pivot Tables
Pivot table Toolbar
Pivot Table Examples

Excel Charts / Graphs

Using the Chart Wizard
Editing and Formatting charts
Saving custom chart types
Setting a default chart type