Beginner’s Excel Course Syllabus

Excel Overview

A overview of the screen, navigation and basic spreadsheet concepts
Understanding workbooks, worksheets, rows, columns, cells
Various selection techniques

Entering Data

Entering, Editing and Deleting Text, Numbers, Dates
Using Auto Lists
Moving and Copying data
Inserting, Deleting and Hiding Rows & Columns
Inserting, Deleting, Moving and Copying Sheets
Using navigation techniques

Formatting and Proofing

Formatting Cells with Number formats, Font formats, Alignment, Borders and Patterns
Basic conditional formatting
Copying and Clearing Formats
Working with Styles
Spell Check, Find & Replace and AutoCorrect

Creating and Editing Formulas and Functions

Concept of Formulae
Creating Formulae, Editing Formulae
Bodmas : Mathematical Order
Copying Formulae
Using Functions – Sum, Average, Max,Min, Count, Counta

Essential Excel Concepts:

Understanding Relative References
Understanding Absolute References
Using Cell references in Excel

Linking cell references in other Worksheets & Workbooks

Accessing cells in other worksheets
Accessing cells in other workbooks
Summarizing data from various worksheets.

Printing and Page Setup

Page Orientation
Adding Headers and Footers
Printing a selection
Setting a print area
Shrink to Fit
Adjusting page breaks within Page Break Preview
Repeating columns and rows
Printing Grid lines
Setting a print area


Creating Various charts types
Formatting Charts
Changing Chart Locations

Introduction to Data Analysis

How to create a list in Excel
Important rules when building a list
Autosum Tool