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ExcelTrainingUk.co.uk  is part of Excel Training& Designs Ltd  group which includes our sister UK online  Excel  training company onlineexceltraining.co.uk  and it also includes WorkPlaceExcel.com , ExcelTrainingNYork,  and Ireland’s leading excel trainer -Exceltraining.ie.

While the latter two provide public & corporate Excel training courses in Ireland and New York state,  ExceltrainingUk.co.uk provides such training all over the UK.

In 2014, taking advantage of our many years of experience teaching Excel to thousand of students, we created our first online Course  “Workplace  Excel” .
This course  had two  main aims…. firstly  to create a course that reflect real office usage of Excel in UK  offices and organizations.
So it concentrates on the main Functions , Formulas and  Excel Techniques and Concepts that you need to use Excel successfully and productively on a daily basis.

Secondly we did not want to create lots of separate courses like Excel for beginners, Excel for intermediate users etc  but to create one course that includes all the modules  -Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced Excel and  Pivot tables ALL TOGETHER IN ONE PACKAGE.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Kevin Kelly
The ExcelTrainingUk Team

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